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I had a very good ayurvedic stay despite my small intestinal problem. The masseuses(Therapists) are very good, The men and women who work in the centre are also perfect.

Ms Coisne Florence


First of all I want to thank you and all of your staff at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park for all the hospitality shown to me. After undergoing the treatment there I feel extremely energised. I am continuing taking the medication prescribed by you. I wanted to describe my experience there and have penned a few thoughts below. Somewhere around end July I landed at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park near Thrissur. I thought perhaps Ayurveda was the answer to some of my ailments and that this ancient science will benefit me without worrying about other side effects. Dr. Krishnadas’s reputation precedes him and hence I was fully comfortable in undergoing this experience albeit my first one and somewhere deep down in me I think I had faith in this particular system of treatment. I arrived on a Saturday early morning. Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park is situated about 13 km from Thrissur town. To reach there, one has to go through tiny meandering roads with lush greenery on all sides. This reminds one of passing through the tiny roads in one of the plantations in the western ghats. The center is situated in the middle of a green landscape dotted with small houses nearby and couple of paddy fields drenched in water which is a sight in itself. When I arrived this early, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Krishnadas waiting for me. He immediately made me comfortable in the cottage, and we had our first session thereafter. After a hot cup of coffee, it was the turn for my very first Abhyangam. The dexterity and fluidity in the fingers of Yadhu (the person performing the Abhyangam) combined with the medicated hot oil, gave me extreme relaxation. After few days, Jayaprakash joined with Yadhu for the Abhyangam and both of them did an extremely fine job. I stayed at the center for about 3 weeks and I had to undergo an Abhyangam in the early mornings and on some days another set of treatment in the late afternoon. I would like to point out that the food that was served (vegetarian) was very tasty and suited my palette. I would like to thank Vijayan and Shinto for their hard work in ensuring the food/tea/snacks reached my room on time. A big shout out to all the housekeeping ladies who cleaned the room impeccably in the morning. My special thanks and gratitude to Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Parvathy and Dr. Anil. Dr. Krishnadas would visit me multiple times a day to ensure the treatment was going well and to check how I was coping with the various treatments. Dr. Parvathy and Dr. Anil also paid me multiple visits in the day to enquire about how I was doing, checking on my BP and being available round the clock for any queries. The accessibility of all the doctors is something that I was clearly very impressed with. My special thanks to all the nurses who diligently ensured that my medicines were given to me on time. My description of my stay will not be complete without describing the centre. The center (comprising of cottages with a dozen furnished rooms which were extremely clean and comfortable) is full of trees, plants and flowers. In fact I was fortunate to sight couple of peacocks at close quarters inside the campus during my daily walk inside. In fact the whole environment also plays a big part in revitalizing your spirit. Overall I had a wonderful and enjoyable stay and I returned back to Bangalore recharged and rejenuvated! A big thank you Dr. Krishnadas and to all of your staff for providing an excellent service!



A truly amazing doctor is hard to find and impossible to forget❤️ Serene atmosphere, excellent hospitality, effective treatment at affordable rates, more reason than one for anyone to come back when an important treatment is needed. This third time also I am satisfied about everything here .



29/06/2021 ന് ദാസിൻ്റെ ആയുർവേദിക്ക് മജിലിസ് പാർക്കിൽ എൻ്റെ കഴുത്തിൻ്റെ വേദനക്ക് ചികിത്സക്കായി അഡ്മിറ്റ്‌ ആയിരുന്നു. മജ്‌ലിസ് ആയുർവേദ പാർക്കിലെ ദാസിന്റെ ഡോക്ടർ മാരും മറ്റു സ്റ്റാഫ് കളും പ്രൊഫസണലായി ട്രെയിനിങ് ലഭിച്ച്, വളരെ മനോഹരമായി ആർക്കും ഇഷ്ടവും ബഹുമാനവും തോന്നുന്ന രീതിയിൽ ആണ് എന്നോടും അവിടെ വരുന്ന മറ്റേതൊരു രോഗിയോടും അവരോടുകൂടെ വരുന്നവരോടും പെരുമാറുന്നത് . നമ്മുടെ വീട്ടിൽ ഒരു അതിഥി വന്നാൽ നമ്മൾ സൽക്കരിക്കുന്ന രീതിയിൽ തന്നെയാണ് മജിലിസ് പാർക്കിലും, രോഗികളുടെ സന്ദർശകരെ ആദരിക്കുന്നതും സൽക്കരിക്കുന്നതും. വളരെ ശാന്തമായ നല്ല ഒരന്തരീക്ഷം ആണ് അവിടെ. ചികിത്സ രീതികൾ വളരെ ഫലപ്രദവും തെറാപ്പിസ്റ്റുകളും സ്റ്റാഫ് നഴ്‌സുമാരും വളരെയധികം അറിവോടെയും കരുണയോടെയും പെരുമാറുന്നവരുമാണ്. അത് പോലെ എന്നെ ഇവിടെ കാണാൻ വന്ന സുഹൃത്തുക്കളോടും, ഗ്രൂപ്പിലെ മറ്റു മെമ്പർമാരുടെ പ്രാർത്ഥനക്കും, കൂടാതെ നമ്മുടെ പ്രിയ ഡോക്ടർ കൃഷ്ണദാസിനും അവിടത്തെ സ്റ്റാഫ്കൾക്കും ഒരിക്കൽ കൂടി നന്ദി രേഖപ്പെടുത്തുന്നു.

ഹനീഫ.പീ.വി, മുസ്‌ലിയാർ ഹൗസ്

കോട്ടപടി, ചൂൽപുറം 680505, തൃശൂർ

Dear Dr.Krishnadas Thank you so much for everything,your kindness,compassion,friendliness and care. I will always remember you, and I will definitely miss this wonderful place,its beauty will forever stay in my heart and memory. Thank you! With love Surya ? A truly amazing doctor is hard to find and impossible to forget❤️



This is so difficult to say 'which part of the sugar is sweeter?'!!Right from Dr's warm welcome to the farewell each part of my stay here is always filled with sweet memories.I admire the excellent teamspirit that each one carries and their dedication to their duties individually too.I have picked up many lessons from each one of them and am thankful to God for bringing me here and going back with loads of blessings and wishes from all of you. I wish you all "the very best" Always! and thank you heaps!

Priya sudheer


ഒരു സാന്ത്വന തീരം മരതകക്കിങ്ങിണി ചാർത്തിയ മാമര - മ തിരിട്ട ശാദ്വല ശാന്തിതീരം പച്ച വിരിപ്പിട്ട പുൽപ്പരപ്പും ചുറ്റും തെച്ചിയും തുളസിയും മന്ദാരവും പലവിധമുള്ളതാമൗഷധ സസ്യങ്ങൾ പകരുന്ന നിർമ്മല ശ്രീ സുഗന്ധം പുലരിയിൽ പാടിയുണർത്തുവാനെത്തുന്ന പലതരം കുഞ്ഞു കിളികുലവും പീലി നീർത്തുന്നു മയിലുകളൊട്ടുമേ പേടി കൂടാതേ പുലർന്നീടുന്നു. പൂങ്കാറ്റിൽ പുലരിയോടൊപ്പമൊഴുകുന്ന വാതാലയേശ ശ്രുതിസുഖവും ചന്ദന ഗന്ധമലിയുന്ന വായുവിൽ അഷ്ടഗന്ധത്തിന്നകമ്പടിയും ആശ്രമവാടമ ല്ലമ്പലപ്രാന്തമ - ല്ലാ നന്ദ സാന്ത്വന പുണ്യതീർത്ഥം പർണ്ണ ശാലോപമ മന്തരീക്ഷ മതിൽ വർണ്ണങ്ങൾ മേളിക്കുമേഴഴകും സ്നേഹത്തിൽ ചാലിച്ച സ്നേഹധാര പിന്നെ മോഹമൊഴിക്കും പരിചരണം ഇവിടമാണദ്ധ്യാത്മവിദ്യാലയം നന്മ യ ടിമുടി വാഴുന്ന കർമ്മതീരം ഇവിടെ വരുന്നത് തീർത്ഥയാത്ര മനം എവിടെയും കേൾക്കുന്നു ശാന്തിമന്ത്രം എങ്ങനെ വേണം പരിചരണമെന്ന- തിങ്ങു വന്നാൽ നേരിൽ കണ്ടു പോകാം. നന്ദിപൂർവം രവി, സുഷമ Ravi. Former Principal K.K.T.M College, Kodungallur.


Former Prof & HOD. of Dept of Economics, Sree Kerala Varma college, Thrissur.

It has been my pleasure to have spent 16 days at Majlis in total confidence with Dr.Krishnadas.He was always present and enquiring about how you were progressing daily Highly appreciated I definitely will recommend this wonderful place to people looking for calm, peaceful atmosphere & going back home with a relaxed body & mind.Thank you to all the wonderful staff for the attention and care given throughout my stay

Ms.Aban Patel

43Rue L'Amiral Mouchez 75013 paris France

This place lives up to its name. The important thing is that, it is what you make of it. Everything .viz.the doctors ,the therapists , nursing staff is at your disposal.It is upto you what you choose to do with the resources.All they ask is a little bit of discipline and trust . And I took a leap of faith and realized it was not misplaced .This is the perfect place to not just 'treat' one's physical and mental ailments. This is a perfect setting to search and heal one's soul.

Mr.Chaitanya Jetly

Bandra West , Mumbai 400050

It was sheer chance that took me to Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park at Peringannur,near Thrissur, Kerala on December 9, 2019 for treatment for my chronic ailments.After 15 days’ treatment I am leaving the Park on Monday December 23.I am 91. For the last several years I have been troubled by aches and pains frombone and nerve decay. I have osteoporosis, scoliosis, spondylosis (degenerative),spondylitis (inflammatory), stenosis and peripheral neuropathy (numbness andtingling in my feet, slight pain in my palms, and severe pain in my low back (in thecoccyx region).I had earlier tried Ayurvedic treatment at home by several physicians as well as atanother nursing home but had not got any relief. Here at the Majlis Health Park Ihad two types of treatment every day – a morning session of oil treatment for mywhole body and an afternoon session directed at each of the specific affected partsof my body – low back, knees, feet and spine.By the tenth day of the treatment, I began feeling some slight relief from my lowback pain. My right knee, like my feet, had lost all sensation. During the kneetreatment I didn’t feel any heat in my right knee when hot oil was poured over it.But by degrees, the knee appeared to have become sensitive to heat. My feet arestill numb but the tingling has mostly gone. With the continuing medication aftermy discharge on Monday December 23, I have hopes of getting greater relief fromaches and pains. I am aware recovery in old age can be slow.One thing I observed at this place was the innovative and result-oriented approachto medical treatment – as opposed to the blind, text-and-tradition-bound approach Ihad seen elsewhere.I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in this ashram-like, quiet, tastefully laidout nursing home. The doctors were liberal with their personal attention, thetechnicians/masseurs performing the different therapies knew their job well, andwere efficient and devoted. The nurses administering medicines at regular intervalswere pleasing and caring, the men serving food in the room were exemplary andalways on time. The housekeeping was efficient. I had never had any cause forcomplaint.I do not like to single out anyone for special mention but I must say the chiefmedical officer Dr Krishnadas, was caring and attentive all the time, visiting me inmy room three or more times every day asking after my welfare. He also made it apoint to visit me in the treatment room to make sure I was comfortable.My thanks to all. Au Revoir (till we meet again)!

P.M. Warrier

7F Enarc Apartments, Marar Road, Thrissur 680001.

Its been a wonderful experience.The caring team of doctors supported by the eversmiling and friendly staff saw to that I didn't miss my loved ones.21 days is a long time to be away from home.But everybody at the hospital made my stay comfortable and made this a home away from home.I had walked into this hospital limping and leaving now walking straight without support. My best wishes to the entire team Majlis

Rema Rajendran - C/o M.Rajendran

A1-futtaim willis, 152, Dubai - U.A.E

Very good personalised service! Pleased with the attention and care that you have given. I appreciate the meticulous care taken to maintain cleanliness. Above all, very efficient therapists and doctors and the amiable staff of Majlis! Only one suggestion : Perhaps carbohydrates could be reduced and more fruits and salads could be included. Looking forward to seeing you next year!

Malini Menon

Merryland International School, Abhudhabhi

Everything about the majlis health park is excellent. Rarely we find such institutions. All the staff, irrespective of rank, work with same mind, same attitude. Grateful and glad that we could spent some beautiful days of our life with you all. Going back with beautiful memories, new friends and of course with rejuvenated body and mind. Looking forward for the next visit

Mrs Asha suresh

Krishnarpanam Poonkunnam Thrissur

"Expert doctors to diagnose and provide the right treatment,therapists with magical fingers to massage away your pain and put you back in action,well behaved canteen staff  coming timely supply of hygienic and tasty vegetarian foods, not to say of the idyllic surroundings-Majlis ayurvedic health park sets a clean. Relieved of the discomforts and feeling rejuvenated. Thank you"

Adv.Mohan pulikkal


No words to express for your services and hospitality.i am thankful to god for such a nice doctor and ambiance for my treatment.a big thank you for all.

Sunanda Manoj

Bangalore 560017

I Came here with a recommendation from a friend for my low back treatment.Dr.Krishnadas and his team of Dr.Anil,Dr.Rajana and Dr.Athira take personal care of all their patients.I am happy that i came here for my treatments and will return soon for a follow up and highly recommend friends in delhi to visit Majlis.Thank you Doctor.



For a first visit to the Majlis it was a very nice discovery. I was taken care of from the first moment until departure. During two weeks I benefited from quality treatment in a friendly and very professional atmosphere. I had explained to Dr Krishna my pains and also my need to lose weight and my two expectations were fulfilled. I went back home rested and full of energy. I recommend the Majlis to my friends in France.

Soad Rahmouni


I had the good fortune of undergoing a treatment at Majlis ayurvedic health park at peramangalam, mundoor in Thrissur. The whole experience provided by Dr.krishnadas and his enlightened team was soothing, refreshing to a great extend in rejuvenating my health. The treatment and its protocoal planned and executed by ayurvedic health park passed off as a breeze. The ambience is superb,the calm,quiet and serene surroundings, infact invigerated even the thought process. The collegues and the staff members of Dr.krishnadas have been extremely corteous and caring.Dr.Anil (senior medical officer), Dr.Rajana menon( medical officer) and Dr. Pavana were meticulous and took care of me well. The one full week i spent here has been rewarding and hope to return in the next best oppurtunity. I do wish that Dr.krishnadas has the impetus and resource to expand the operations so as to make it a leading centre of ayurvedic excellence.

JOHN BRITTAS, Managing Director, Kairali TV


To begin with , the centre itself is just lovely & clearlydesigned to facilitate patient comfort & care. At times, I felt I was in a 5 star hotelroom rather than at a treatment centre '. Further, I am very impressed by the ' well- oiled' system that operates here round the clock, without any glitch under the efficient leadership of Dr.Krishnadas and his team comprising Dr.Rajana & Dr.Anil. Thank you for the excellent treatment'. Your reassurance took awaymy initial apprehensions & helped me in my recovery. Exceptional care was what I received during my stay here. All were very gracious , friendly ,helpful and professional from the top. I wish to thank all others ( too many to mention) who played an important part in my treatment and recovery.

Ms.Malini Menon

Abu Dhabi

I have been here for first time.I was very happy in majlis,just relaxed,cured my disease.I believe my problem will never come back,we are planning to come back in january next year.Thank you for your care and concern



I already visited this place in 2009 with our family friend ,who suffered from multiple sclerosis and infertility for more than ten years.Thanks for the perfect treatment,she gave birth to twins after her return.The pregnancy was without any problem.Nowadays they both enjoy good health.I was not suffered from any serious disease.but i appreciated the overall rejuvenation and remarkable improvement or visual activity and the range of eye accomodation also.In this year i enjoyed the treatment very much.i can feel fully relaxed,much stronger and healthy.and now i acn perceive the enhancement to the clarity vision.This year i visited this place with my wife  who suffered from several health cured or significantly improved all her problems at first attempt ,we decided to visit Majlis ayurvedic health park next year and keeping atleast three concecutive years.



A peaceful oasis of health ,beauty and nature. I received sympathetic caring,attention from a happy staff dedicated to service, congratulations and gratitude to Dr. Krishnadas for maintaining the highest standards. I feel renewed and recharged.






Before we call it a hospital,we felt like a holiday home or resort.The treatment statrted on the day of arrival based on our communication prior to our arrival.we were highly impressed by the personalised service from the doctors,therapy experts,kitchen staffs,yoga expert and th0se who were giving us medicines&cleaning staffs.we are leaving with a pledge to come for a longer period and much more frequently,we can only describe about the physical benefits but the mental positive energy for everMANAGER -SAUDI AIRLINES -UAE



A very well run hospital,very efficient control and supervision by the Chief Doctor.this is my fourth admission to this hospital and the ratings given by me are without any only suggestion is fixation of door closer to the netted main doors. All my best wishes to Dr.Krishnadas and his team. Ramkumar.PSruthi , sanskrit college Road,P.O. PuranatukaraTHRISSUR- 680551



Should provide facilities like chess,caroms,Table Tennis ect. yoga session should be provide atleast 3 times a week.

Mr.Sushil Rathi


We enjoyed our stay at majlis .Treatment and other services are excellent.we wish them all success



Majlis ayurvedic health park is a tranquil place to stay in and the doctor's & nurses have a good attitude.The treatment is excellent but the treatment room should be improved a bit.Bathroom's need to be improved.Food is good but you should serve variety of food.                                                            



Majlis ayurvedic health park is really unique.superb doctor's with friendly and pleasing personality,treatment plans are amazing .they are carried out by specialised therapists who are talented with their techniques.Nature at it's best.overall i am very very satisfied with my 23 days of treatment.feeling really rejuvenated



Loved being here.felt cared throughout my 23 days stay.Thanks to the entire team who has made staying here so enjoyable despite my pain and suffering.Hope the hospital keeps up the standard and improves further in the coming years.Plan to return again and againWith warm wishes......may god give you lots of happiness and strength to serve those who are in pain and need your help



I will recommend this place in Switzerland and Germany.. Weiss


I am happy with my treatment here,very different peaceful atmosphere.I received amazing personal care from doctors,therapist and also from other staffs over here.Specifically timing is very well managed.Thanks to every one at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park.

Mrs.Lakshmi Prabha


No words can express our gratitude to Dr. Krishnadas and his wonderful team for the treatment and all the tireless and loving care we have received every day and every minute of our stay at the Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park! The results of the treatment have by far exceeded even our wildest expectations - we returned home as two totally new people! One big regret though: had we known the Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park existed, we would have come YEARS earlier. Very much hoping to be able to visit it again (and again and again), we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!



I am happy with my treatment(feb21 to march4th2014)and the services i received during my 12 day stay here.My symptoms have greatly decreased and my pain and mobility are considerably better.I found pizhichil and kizhi to be very healing and helpful.Dr Krishnadas ,Chief Medical Officer is truly professional knowledgeable and focused on my over-all well being.He and his assistant Doctors,Dr Smruthy and Dr Anil ensured prompt monitoring and follow through. The Therapists and Other supportive staff were caring and did their best to make me feel better.The Therapists Mrs Lissy and Mrs Latha need to be specially commended for their intuitiveness, knowledge,caring attitude and healing hands.The premises in park like,scenic,quiet and peaceful.Food is complimentary to the treatment and is served in your room.I must confess that i never had the opportunity to feel hungry during my stay!.TV,internet and laundry services are available.Guruvayoor temple darshan was arranged which was heavenly and unforgettable!I hope to follow through with my post-discharge instructions and optimise my healing.I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to undergo this treatment experience.

Mrs Shobha Ayyapan

New Jersey,USA

Truly had a great experience at the calm and serene surroundings of Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park ,this holiday season. The personalised care and concern extended to us is highly commendable.Heartfelt thanks to Dr Krishnadas and the entire team of this health park. Undoubtedly a perfect centre for Ayurvedic treatments.

Mrs & Mr Viswanath Nambiar

Ayyanthole, Thrissur.

I must thank you for the treatment extended to me. It was my first visit to Majlis, and I am quite satisfied. The approach was very focused, and the staff  administering the various  treatments were all capable and  extremely professional in their attitude.More than anything else, I really enjoyed the daily interactions with you, particularly the manner in which you worked both on mind and body. After all, a patient has to believe that he or she is getting better, and you have given  me a lot of confidence with which to deal with my current situation.And of course, the atmosphere of quiteude and calmness at Majlis  added to the sense of wellness I am experiencing.Thank you very much. I shall visit again next year.Mr SivaramManoramaKochi

Mr Sivaram

Manorama, Kochi

I\'m always happy to come here. I get good treatment and Dr Krishnadas is a very good doctor.When leaving,body and mind are in a harmony. A big thank you also to Dr Anil and Dr Aiswarya and all the staff.

Ms Siw Merz


I\'m coming here for the sixth time. I love to come back again & again.The fresh air, the calm atmosphere , excellent personal care by Doctors,very well trained professional therapists,nursing care and food well served at perfect timings. All the elements needed for a Detox and Rejuvenation is available and implemented very orderly,professionally and with all love,care & affection. Couldn\'t ask for more. Keep it up.All the very best. Good Luck & God Bless!!!!!Sri ChandrasekharRMV extnsn Bangalore

Sri Chandrasekhar


Wonderful environment and greenery clubbed with direct personal care from each and every staff,interactions with Chief doctor and medical officers,the confident and reasoning attitude of the doctors.All these have made the stay very pleasant and purposeful.Thanks to the entire team!! Hospital which makes a difference in the real sense for \"CARING & CURING\"Ms Ashwini Rao64/A1 TSN appartmentsTrichy Road Coimbatore 5

Ms Ashwini Rao


This is the third time that I am taking treatment from here.I am happy and fully satisfied with the treatment and services offered. Regarding the Doctor and his assistants , I would like to comment, \"YADHA RAJA TADHA PRAJA\".I hope and pray that this tempo of growth in quality and services will be maintained forever.Mr P Ramkumar14/295,\"Sruthi\"Sanskrit College RoadPuranattukara P.OThrissur

Mr P Ramkumar


I am extremely happy about the treatment and services rendered.K MuralidharanF3 Yamuna AptsKamath LaneKottapuram,Thrissur

Mr K Muralidharan


I am very very satisfied with the treatments.Very hearty thanks to doctors, therapists,nurses and all staffs.Mr Boby KChampion Neon Kaloor, Kochi 17

Mr Boby K


I just surrendered myself to the doctors and the therapists and they took good care of me.I have started believing in ayurveda after coming here.

Ms Geetika


This is an extraordinary experience.Why?Because this ancient treatment opens your body and mind to a new level of understanding reality.I have spend a whole month here at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park and feel now like a different person.More open more transparent with a different approach to life.I have found peace of mind ,tranquility and a wonderful human,group of people directed by Dr Krishnadas.My heart is full of joy and gratitude.Thank you.

Mr Manongo Mujica


It has been four years that I have undertaken therapies here.This is not only a wonderful break from the stress and strain of daily life but also a chance to give your body the attention it deserves but rarely gets.In this age of everything on finger tips and needing fast service, the service here is personalised with the well being of the patient gives the highest importance.Nowhere have I seen anyone getting personalised attention from everyone ranging from the doctors to the therapists to the maintenance staff.

Ms Tamanna Mooshahary

AGM, RBI ,Chennai

A serene place to come and rest and heal your body and mind.

Mrs Rema Mooshahary

Raj Bhavan,Shillong

A very well organised and managed Ayurvedic Hospital where positive energy and peace are experienced throughout the stay.Indeed it is a treat to watch the absolute commitment,dedication and devotion in the effective execution of treatment by competant Doctors and staff.A neatly maintained surroundings,garden,lawn and living accomodation. Col.VP NairAthulya Park Flat No:C/20/81/7Temple Road PootholeThrissur-4

Col.VP Nair

Thrissur, Kerala

Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park is like my second home.I have been here six times.Everytime I know I will get very good treatments. I feel that Dr.Krishnadas and his team are doing their best for me.When I go back home I feel relaxed and strong,ready to go on with my everyday life.

Mrs Siw Merz


This is my first time having the Ayurvedic treatment from the reputed establishment namely MAJLIS AYURVEDIC HEALTH PARK which I feel quite satisfactory during our stay in.All the employees are very keen,polite and attentive especially under the leadership of Dr.Krishnadas and his assistants of Dr.Anil and Dr.Aiswarya.I find that their services are not time bond.The Therapists are very experienced hands in their profession.My wife Amina Hameed and myself wishing all the best and look forward a bright future

Mr Abdul Hameed &Mrs Amina Hameed


Majlis Health Park is a home away from home wraught with care,love and affection.The entire team is a dedicated one and we pray to God to Bless with health ,wealth and happiness forever.

Mrs Manimekalai


I spent a full week at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park, situated in idyllic surroundings on the side of a small hillock at Peringannur near Thrissur. Sitting inside one of the beautifully crafted cottages, entirely canopied and overshadowed by blackberry trees, one would find oneself completely surrounded by greenery. Waking up to the chirps of birds and the gentle rustle of the tree leaves, the day starts at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park in perfect harmony with Nature. Occasionally one can also see an early morning circular dance of the exquisite peacocks frequenting the compound from the nearby estate. In seven days of my sojourn at the Health Centre, I was fortunate to see it thrice. As for the service given at the Ayurvedic Health Park under the able guidance of qualified and experienced doctors, I can only say that the quality of treatment, the personal care and attention bestowed by the doctors and the nursing staff, the dexterity and expertise of the therapists who will soothe you to sleep, and the exemplary service of the canteen staff and the wholesome food they serve, are indeed commendable. It is virtual rejuvenation the Ayurvedic way. One has to be here to experience the goodness of this place.



I am very happy to have chosen this for the second time for specific treatment and general rejuvenation It has been an excellent experience with Authentic Ayurvedic treatment by Dr.Krishnadas, Chief Medical Officer and his team of Doctors ie Dr.Anil, Dr Anupama with their experienced therapists. They have always made me feel very comfortable and reassuring. I am writing to express my deep gratitude for your superior care while I was undergoing treatment at your Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park, Peramangalam, Thrissur. My recently improved health is a credit to your expertise and attentiveness.I will be certain to continue to recommend you to everyone I know. I can say the definition of hospitality.Really had a great stay and treatment over here the past 15 days.It was an awesome experience for my hectic busy life.Got relaxed and refreshed. nice and calm ambiance at Majlis Ayurvedic Health Park made me feel the goodness of Ayurvedic Treatments About the treatments it was really soothing and i have no words to explain the freshness I gained.



After completing 5 years of my visit year after year for my course of 14 days detoxification, I wanted to express my deepest appreciation to you and your entire crew for the excellent hospitality, providing health care, treatments and personal attention to each and every one who visit Majlis Health Park. I have always felt totally rejuvenated and the lightness in the body after getting rid of all the unwanted toxins we put on all year through in the present modern day social lives. Every time I come to Majlis, my friends and folks back home have always asked me why I choose only majlis park and not so many facilities and similiar centers that are available. It has also kept me wondering \"why\"?, then I queried myself and found the following reasonsn benefits and advantages that is drawing me year on year to Majlis and I thought I should share with you as feedback and also as a deep sense of appreciation that you and your team are working sincerely to provide the much needed health care to many like me, 1. The biggest plus is that you as head of operations and as a Doctor, have a special skill set to understand the needs of the patient and the life style that the patient is leading. Your approach to treatments and adminstering the right course that is specific to the patient is indeed very reassuring. Also your kindness and care you show to each and every one, visiting each one of them atleast twice or thrice in a day and spending time to understand the progress is very appreciative. 2. The next point is the peaceful ambience the resort is blessed with. Full of trees, open spaces, far away from town, nicely tucked in to provide solitude and silence that is very rare for many who live in the cities where pollution and sounds are the way of life. 3. The regulated food that is so simple, yet so tasty and nourishing is another important aspect that I have always cherished during my stay. The timing and the service by your staff who are so very corteous and working around the clock to serve everytime and at the prescribed time is has always intrested me. 4. The Masseurs are excellent, they are well trained and have good pair of hands executing the right amount of pressure as prescribed in ayurveda. 5. The support staff, who are the people who give medicines during the day, are excellent, keeping up the time as prescribed in the case sheet, the people who are there for the upkeep of the center, are so dedicated and sincere in their work, have made me feel at home.6. Dr Anil and Dr Anupama are very corteous and they have always made me feel very comfortable and reassuring being available round the clock at the center. Overall I would like to thank each one of you for being so caring and to take care of my health and for being so very courteous and for providing services that made me feel that I\'m home away from home. The biggest strength of Majlis park is everything works like a clock, there is privacy, there is peace and at the end of the treatment, leaves me totally satisfied and look forward to come again and again. Well done Doctor for leading from the front, I do hope you will continue to improvise where ever required to make it an abode for many like me to come and experience this place and by doing themselves a favour to take a few weeks off in a year to feel the freshness and lightness all year through, like servicing a car at reguar intervals, which means no break downs. I feel so much indebted to you Doctor Krishna Das, especially and to every member in your entire team. I deeply appreciate the care that is being bestowed upon me year on year. Good luck and God Bless to all of you

Mr.Chandrasekhar, Entreprenuer, Bangalore


Thanks for the wonderful care and treatment. I had a great time, feeling rejuvenated and healed.Looking forward to visiting here again. God bless you!

Gayatri, Hindustani Ghazal Singer


I am really happy and satisfactory about the overall performance of this treatment centre. I really appreciate the team work under the stewardship of Dr.Krishnadas.All are highly committed and courteous with an excellent attitude towards the work. I am sure that this centre will prosper, because all the patients are going back home with a smiling face. Thanks and May God bless you.