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kshetraayur pharmacy started our new branch in guruvayur.facilities of ayurveda clinic and treatment centrekshetraayur pharmacymavinchuvadueast nada,guruvayurfor booking-9388188899,8589052405


Kshetraayur Pharmacy Pvt Ltd started our new ayurveda treatment center in Edappal. All ayurvedic treatments under the supervision of qualified ayurveda doctors. KSHETRAAYUR PHARMACY PVT LTD SUKAPURAM,EDAPPALbooking- MOB-9387354812,9349158899 CONSULTING TIME- 9AM TO 7PM (EVERYDAY) CHIEF PHYSICIAN DR KRISHNA DAS (TUESDAY AND FRIDAY-9AM TO 12.30PM)DR.ANIL K.A(MEDICAL OFFICER)(9AM TO7PM)DR.PARVATHI(TUE,WED-9AM TO 5PM)ALL AYURVEDA MEDICINES AVAILABLE HERE PHARMACY TIME- 9 AM TO 7 PM(EVERY DAY)


MAJLIS AYUVEDIC HEALTH PARK Most welcome to Majlis. Shortly you are going to be visited by our chief medical officer, Dr. Krishnadas and a plan for your treatment and medicines will be scheduled subject to adjustments if your personal responses may require. According to such a plan you will be receiving daily treatments-once or twice –and as much as possible regular timings will be fixed but please be ready top accept also last minute changes After treatments you are strongly advised to go to your room, lie down in your bed and take a rest for 1 hour allowing the process to settle in. Medicines will be administered to you at timings set by a person in charge of this. Twice a day blood pressure will be checked up by our doctors. During your stay you are advised to avoid any strain, sun exposure, cold bath, to limit TV watching, not to swim and to try to get as much rest as possible. You are also strongly recommended to eat only the food freshly prepared by our cooks following the Ayurveda principles and to avoid taking food prepared from outside. Yoga sections, silence, meditation are also a part of our Ayurveda approach. Itis y ourmissiontobenefit from our treatments, medicines and stay at our clinic, to enhance your well-being, restoring harmony and balance within you. Our chief Medical Officer Dr. Krishnadas, will be available for any questions and concerns that you may have. DO'S AND DONT'S In order to enhance the benefits that you may get from your treatments, medicines and from your stay here in this unique environment and settings we kindly request you to adhere to the following rules and regulations. 1. Alcohol and Psychotropic drugs are strictly prohibited at our premises. 2. Kindly refrain from smoking. 3. Cutting or trimming of nails, mustache, beard etc. to be avoided during a set of treatment. 4. Kindly disconnect internet after use. 5. Ensured that air conditioning / fan are switched off, lights are out and keep all the electricity in switched off mode when leaving your room and also your mobiles off during treatments and resting times. 6. Swimming pool not to be used since it would have adverse effect on your treatments. 7. TV and any other electrical and electronic devices to be possibly reduced to the minimum use during your stay. 8. You are strongly suggested to remain within the premises and avoid going out unless really urgent and approved by the Chief Medical Officer. 9. Please note that our food is freshly prepared and is part of the treatment giving to you so we strongly recommend not to eat any food prepared from outside. 10. Please don't flush down in the closet and toilet paper, sanitary pad or hard material. 11. Water is precious please save it. 12. Your contribution in keeping clean the place and the environment is very much appreciated. To avoid any overchargewe advise you to go through the office for any car arrangement. Please enquire at the office for anything you might need during your stay with us. WITH BEST WISHES MAJLIS AYURVEDIC HEALTH PARK Ayurvedic Health Park Majlis Warmly welcome you to the Majlis. Soon you will visit our head physician, Dr. Krishnadasu, who will write down your treatment plan and medicines (may be adjusted). In accordance with this plan, you will go through one or two procedures every day for which a certain time will be allocated, however, please be prepared for changes made to the schedule at the last minute. After treatment, it is strongly recommended to lie down (rest) in your room for 1 hour - this will smoothly end the processes that occur during the procedures. The staff of the Majlis will bring you medicine at the prescribed time. Twice a day, your blood pressure will be measured. During your stay, we strongly recommend not to avoid stress, sun, cold baths, restrict viewing of TV, do not swim and try to relax as much as possible. We also strongly recommend eating only freshly prepared food prepared by our chefs in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda and avoiding food prepared from the outside. Yoga, silence, meditation are also part of our Ayurvedic approach. Your task is to benefit from the procedures, medicines and stay in our clinic - to increase your well-being, restore internal harmony and balance. Our head physician, Dr. Krishnadas, is always ready to answer your questions. RECOMMENDATIONS In order to increase the benefits that you can get from procedures, medicines and your stay in this unique place, we ask you to adhere to the following rules. 1. The use of alcohol and psychotropic drugs is strictly prohibited. 2. Please refrain from smoking. 3. Nail treatment, shaving (for men), etc. should be made on days agreed upon with the doctor. 4. Please turn off the internet after use. 5. When resting or when you leave the room, please turn off the air conditioning (fan), lights, and electrical appliances, including rechargeable mobile phones. 6. Do not swim in the pool, as this may have a negative effect on your treatment. 7. Watching TV and any other electronic devices should be minimized, whenever possible, during your stay. 8. We strongly recommend that you do not leave the territory of the Majlis without the permission of a doctor. 9. Please note that our food is always freshly prepared, which is part of the treatment, so we strongly recommend not eating food prepared from the outside. 10. Please do not throw toilet paper, sanitary pads, or hard objects into the toilet. 11. Water is a precious resource - please use water rationally. 12. We will be grateful for the preservation of cleanliness in the rooms and park of the Majlis. If you need a parking space, in order to avoid additional financial waste, please contact the Majlis office with this question. For any questions, please contact the Majlis office. WITH BEST WISHES, Ayurvedic Health Park Majlis




SAI AYURVEDA -started speciality clinics for backpain,cervical spondylosis,skin diseases,diabetes,cholestrol,infertility and fibroids We offer all Ayurvedic treatments with the availability of leading pharmaceutical medicines. Working Hrs:10am to 6pm SAI AYURVEDA Guru Kripa Complex,Chembottil Lane,Round South, Thrissur. Contact us in 9387554812 or 9349168899